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"More bounce to the ounce with this new-school duo of Marko Cindric and Sam Earle, who juice up electro-pop with soulful, melancholic new wave vocals contrasted against kinetic house beats and effortless synth hooks to create an irresistible concoction. With only a few tracks to their credit, we're looking forward to hearing more from these fellas." – Camp Wavelength 2017 "By now, we are familiar with Toronto-based duo Loji’s characteristic musical stylings (and scrawlings about music – one of them is a Silent Shout contributor). Their house-flavored jams usually have a strong sense of darkness to them, yet retain pop music’s best sensibilities. Their excellent new single “Language” is full of eerie lyrics (“please don’t invite those creatures down my spine they give me chills”) that contrast with the track’s effortlessly dancey vibe. The production feels almost surgically sharp, yet the choruses feature splashes of flashy synths for good measure. The song is as creepy as it is euphoric (and clever: “you’re already going nowhere and I think I know a faster way” is definitely one of the best lines we’ve heard in a while)." – Silent Shout