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John Levi is a Christian Rap Artist/DJ/Producer from Tampa, Florida. A former nightclub bouncer and college athlete, his renewed life mission is to spread the Good News as far as it can reach using all of the resources he has been given. The most important goal of his music is to give glory to the Lord focusing on the 4 Marks and Real Presence found in the Church that Jesus Christ instituted Himself over 2000 years ago. John Levi takes us on a journey through accepting the difficulties and consequences of an old life to bearing the much lighter yoke of a new life in Christ. Catholic hip hop is classified as an underground genre in the Christian hip hop category and John Levi vividly explains with concise wordplay the reality of a new wave of rhyme that is A.M.D.G. (in Latin "For Gods Greater Glory"). A member of the FoundNation Family, John Levi has toured all over the country and in Central America performing Christian Hip hop that encompasses centuries-old Tradition & beliefs. He's a married father of 8 who serves as a Dean of students in a school for disadvantaged families.