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MIN’s life has been focused on music since her childhood. Having lived in Germany for 10 years, the fresh graduate student MIN returned to Vietnam and began her music career as a dancer. MIN then managed to completely cross over from being a dancer to a pop idol. Now with countless number of hit songs, she’s been recognized for her talent and hard-work. Her first hit “Tim” is still popular among music lovers of all ages. ‘I want to be the one to bring positive feelings to the audience and will definitely continue with this vision for a very long time’, MIN said. Following this direction, MIN has consistently released records that bring positive energy. All her hit songs “Yeu”, “Co Em Cho”, “Ghen”, “Em Moi La Nguoi Yeu Anh”, “Dung Yeu Nua Em Met Roi”, “Vi Yeu Cu Dam Dau”, etc. showcased a pop idol on the journey of discovering who she was, and in the meantime, reaching a mass audience. 2017 was a successful year for MIN with 5 trophies: Song of the Year, MV of the Year, Best Duo of the Year, Best Pop song and Top 10 Inspiring Character. MIN then continued to surprise the audience with the diversity in her music and image, such as “Em Moi La Nguoi Yeu Anh” in 2018, followed by “Dung Yeu Nua Em Met Roi” and “Vi Yeu Cu Dam Dau” in 2019. MIN hopes to create the next generation of V-pop artists in the future. Her wish is all about connecting people through music, using music as a way of healing and MIN is more determined than ever to follow this path of her own.