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Bluegrass Jamalong is a collection of bluegrass fiddle tune backing tracks, perfect for practicing to. Each tune has 3 tracks: 1. You Play Rhythm - the backing track plays through the tune 4 times so you can practice backup 2. You Play Lead - the backing track plays through the chords 4 times so you can practice the tune or work on breaks 3. Jam Along - the backing track plays the chords once through, then the tune, then repeats a total of four times so you can play along like at a real jam I’m not a pro musician – I’m just a regular picker like you who has a day job but loves playing bluegrass. That means… - These tracks aren’t recorded in a state of the art Nashville studio – they’re recorded by me, at home - They’re not note perfect – they’ll feel like exactly what they are, jamming along with another picker who loves bluegrass - I’m not teaching you anything – we’re just jamming. There are so many amazing resources for learning fiddle tunes out there. These tracks let you use whichever version of the tune you’ve learned, wherever you learned it (from a book, DVD, YouTube, your teacher, at a local jam…) There are chord sheets for all the tunes at, where you'll also find info on the Bluegrass Jamalong podcast Happy picking! Matt