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Hip-Hop gets a bad rap these days—not entirely undeservedly, either. In what is easily the most overcrowded genre, artists are a dime-a-dozen with cookie-cutter sounds and styles that display little in the way of diversity, dynamism or creativity. Enter Young Cobain—a self-described confessional hip-hop artist whose name writes checks of diversity, mystery and ingenuity that his lyrical fluency and prodigal skill willingly cashes. Where many artists are content to copy-paste borrowed lines over second-rate production, Young Cobain incorporates influence from all styles of music into his work, giving listeners something new, honest and energetic to sink their ears into. Raised in Saratoga, New York, Patrick Hayes—Young Cobain—began his music endeavors playing in three distinct metal acts throughout the tristate area. However, as his own tastes and preferences developed, so did his creative proclivities, lending him more to the melancholy styles of contemporary artists in the vein of Post Malone, Trevor Daniel, and blackbear. This isn’t to say that Hayes lost his touch for the edge and immersive styles of alternative and metal, however, as his verses are sprinkled with metallic undertones and punchy, punk-infused catchiness that lends his work not to any one genre, but to an enigmatic blend vowing to give listeners a sound they’ll have a hard time keeping out of their heads and off their minds.