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“Classic rock, progressive 70s, grunge, alternative rock, stoner... this Dutch 5-piece combines it all. Sometimes heavy and bombastic, sometimes very intimate, but always really authentic and with full dedication and passion! On top of that they have a singer that makes even Robert Plant look like an amateur.” Navarone is a Dutch rock band that combines elements of soulful seventies rock with influences from grunge and alternative rock. Think of the classic rock, blues rock and progressive rock of the 70's (Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd) mixed with the poppy grunge/alternative of the 90's (Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Nirvana), topped off with more modern influences like QOTSA, Muse, Foo Fighters and Wolfmother. True authentic Rock - with a real capital R - in which pleasure, craftsmanship and interaction with the public have priority. Add this along with an enormous live reputation and you understand why Navarone has grown into one of Europe's best, most versatile and appreciated rock bands in recent years.