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Therapists are very expensive. Writing songs, however, is free. That’s how Toronto musician (and Grounders member) Daniel Busheikin explains his bummed-out pop songs that tackle depression, social anxiety, and other fun neuroses. Having accumulated many years worth of bedroom demos, Busheikin formed No Frills in 2016, enlisting his long-time best bud (and fellow Grounders member) Mike Searle, local drum hero Jonathan Pappo (Hooded Fang), Matt "Bucky" Buckberrough (Twist, Beds), and Maddy Wilde (Rapport). In 2018 the band released their debut EP, Nice to Meet You, an indie rock throwback rife with Busheikin’s idiosyncratic and intimate vocals, textured guitar melodies and shimmering synths. During the pandemic, Busheikin spent his newly acquired free time writing new music, quickly accumulating a full-length album of material. Drums and bass were tracked to tape at Gavin Gardiner’s (The Wooden Sky) garage-turned-studio, and the rest in Busheikin’s basement where, in lieu of a proper engineer or high-end gear, Busheikin was creatively DIY. To get his ideal vocal tones, for example, he sang through a KN95 mask with a toilet paper tube around the microphone. The result is a memorable collection of lo-fi pop, ranging from angular indie rock to intimate ballads, all woven together by Busheikin’s sardonic lyrics. As with previous efforts, the songs are meditations on life, death, and love, imbued with a whimsical desperation of someone trying to eke out a drip of optimism.