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Heartfelt lyrics, sincere vocals, dynamic instrumentals, and a set of identical twins: Chloe & the Steel Strings, a New Americana band from Toledo, OH, bring back the authentic, heartfelt singer-songwriter nostalgia of the past with great hair, good vibes, and astounding live performances. 
 Band members Connor Ward (bass), Anna Wagenhauser (piano & vocals), and Eric Stuehr (lead guitar) were classically trained from a young age and agree that it’s the foundation for the group’s tight performances and creative songwriting style. 
 “I’ve always been passionate about writing songs" lead singer/songwriter and rhythm guitarist Chloe Wagenhauser explains. She describes her first performance with Connor at a coffee shop near the University of Toledo, where they met at an open mic night. 
 “Back then, we didn’t know that writing and performing were something we’d pursue as a career,” Chloe says, reminiscing on her decision to decline a medical school acceptance to play music full-time. Since then, the band has played more than 400 shows across the Midwestern U.S.. When they’re not on the road in their Volvo Cross-Country, Chloe & the Steel Strings is writing and arranging their first band EP, Burn Bright, set to be released mid-2021.