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Imagine artistic collective that focuses on the art of seduction by French women. These women show passion and sensitivity while maintaining their freedom of spirit – they are the ones who know how best to please! THE FRENCH MADEMOISELLES are: MADEMOISELLE K.T (Katia), She is beautiful, elegant, cultivated and yet leads both a professional and family life. But, beyond the cliché, this Parisian is a fighter who prizes her quality of life. MADEMOISELLE L (Lexie) She is beautiful and elegant and true to her reputation of loving the pleasures and art of life. And so parisian (even if in fact she is an american woman) Together, they form this new shock duo "THE FRENCH MADEMOISELLES” ! Two independent, non-conformist singers who channel the essence of Parisian women in a desire to combine the work and quality of life and assume their right of seduction!