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RICKY DIETZ is Pierre Baigorry (a.k.a. Peter Fox) and the Toronto-born singer, Sway Clarke. It STILL fate and fuck a pandemic! Having both ironically caught Covid-19 in the first wave back in March of 2020 while releasing their antibacterial anthem, “Don’t Touch My Face”, the two decided to lick their wounds, hole up in Berlin and create some new tunes. The first of which is called

"Passion Flute" Ameme-fueled, dancehall pop tune, co-produced by Nigeria’s own Sarz & TMXO – that not only unveils their peculiar flute Obsession, but, also shows just how much Ricky Dietz still craves a bloodclat dance-floor. Within Berlin’s minuscule music scene, it was evident that these two giants - carrying too much genius to walk - would one day stumble into each other, but what was unclear was whether their needs would trump their pathetic egos and allow them to blissfully share their love of R&B, dancehall, and afrobeat. Having had an incredibly successful solo career as a vocalist in Germany, Pierre had become lazy and began searching for a victim who not only sang and wrote English lyrics but was also willing to do ALL the heavy lifting vocally, in hopes of fame and recognition. Sway Clarke has an amazing voice, is an internationally tested songwriter (John Legend, Tinie Tempah) with Jamaican roots, and fittingly was also way too lazy to produce beats and take care of the big picture himself. Talk about a perfect match!!! 
 Dance or Die RD