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Originating from Texas with her smooth, fluttery, and breathy vocals, Mackk brings you her own alternative style of vulnerable, buttery, and thudding R&B and lyrics that resonate with broken and mended souls everywhere. With a style that brags a sheening pop top and hip hop bottom, Mackk is a musical force charging in with the likes of other Texas-based artists such as, Erykah Badu, Beyoncé, and Leon Bridges. 
 Her personal lyrics connect nature, vivid colors, and creative objects to attachment and intimacy, and creates a soothing vibe that expresses her overall mantra that, “there’s growth in vulnerability.” Mackk is inspired to be an imaginary friend to her listeners, acting as a bridge between conversations about the depths of love and emotional experiences, emanating a soft space for people looking to get away from a hard world.