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Canadian (Saskatoon) based Aaron Egeland writes original, hook-driven, melodic material that draws heavily from: alt rock, noise rock, and grunge with experimental leanings influenced by an eclectic array of rock and pop artists. Back in 2016, Egeland began a long-distance collaboration with Chicago-based

multi-instrumentalist Scott Simon Haus to flesh out and fully realize the material he had written – under the moniker Blume Hinges. The end result was Egeland’s 2017 full-length debut, "We Float". Blume Hinges sophomore release "Build Your Castle Inside of a Mountain" is due Spring 2021. Egeland states, "Songwriting and music have always been solitary pursuits for me... and I enjoy creating little worlds, little microcosms of stories in song form. For me, my songs are little illusions, little fictional stories. And for a long time, no one heard them except for me. So, for me, the new record represents building something beautiful."