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Vladimir Tiagunov is a ‘thinking pianist’ who has the great ability to look beyond the notes on the page to weave a score’s musical essence. Born in Russia, Tiagunov offsets the traditional sound of the piano with his deft piano skills. As a musician, he attempts to experiment with myriad genres, with performances that are both enjoyable and powerful at the same time. Having begun training to play the piano from the tender age of six, Tiagunov is widely hailed as one of the world’s most exciting talents. The amount of insight he brings to his music, so early in his career, speaks volumes about the inherent gift that he is born with. Tiagunov is deemed as a one-of-a kind pianist and successfully clinched a Gold Medal for the best piano technique in the Forte International Competition in Carnegie Hall, 2016. He is revolutionizing the face of conventional music by making it more accessible, intriguing, and widespread. Establishing a mélange between a sense of trance and essence, he is striking a chord of harmony in the rapidly-evolving field of modern music. His music is inviting, powerful, and yet introspective. Having bagged numerous prestigious awards and accolades, Tiagunov is creating a ripple all across the globe.