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I make music, and love it. I really suck at making myself look cool on social media and online. I hope that doesn't stop you from listening. I have a very deep respect for Hip-Hop, and appreciate that I am given the opportunity to meld it into something that matches me, and my life. If you like something about my music, or hate something -just know that I love to hear what people think and welcome you to reach out and contact me. I would love to hear your thoughts. I am an Arizona born & raised artist, producer, and songwriter. My music is heavily influenced by Hip Hop, but I take it into uncharted territory often. An infectious melding of genres and rhymes. Just a collection of my influences and what I think sounds cool. I'm not much for trends. I love Folk, Americana, Electronic, Country, and so many types of music. I invite them into my music often. Sometimes it's magic, sometimes it doesn't work out. It all makes my sound different. Bear is my real name, and I grew up inside the Grand Canyon National Park and on the Navajo reservation in Northern Arizona. I have moved back to Flagstaff Arizona to be close to these roots. My sound is just as unique as where I came from. Checkout my boutique record label / music group, 1st Drop Music for more.