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Musically he feels at home in almost all styles. Whether rock, pop, blues, soul or alternative, his unusual and versatile voice makes him an exceptional singer, who does not have to fear comparison with the greats of the music industry. Among others, he was the successful frontman of a David Bowie tribute band, a Deep Purple tribute band and a soul band. He interprets 1970s rock just as impressively as he does 1980s pop or 1990s grunge. Particularly noteworthy are his interpretations of songs by David Bowie, which are very popular even among big fans of the "pop chameleon". In addition, the vegan "T" is committed to animal rights, environmental and climate protection and has launched an art project called "Together We Can Make A Change". This project combines various art forms to make people aware of the great challenges of our time in a positive way, without raised index finger and blame. To do this, he uses photography, poetry, music, painting and other areas of art, creating a network of different artists working together towards the same goal. Now he is working on his first album, which consists exclusively of his own songs. Thematically, the songs are about environmental and climate protection, nutrition, the society we live in and of course the little things of everyday life. Yes...sometimes you have to see the lyrics tongue-in-cheek and not take them too seriously :-)