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I feel like these are usually written in the third person but that feels weird... So, hi. I'm Amber Dee. Thanks for being here, you must be pretty cool. Imagine you're at a festival on a sunny Sunday and you stumble near to one of those big top tents. The tent itself is packed but the tones blaring out are soothing your fragility so you park your bum and beverage of choice down on the worn out grass, close your weary eyes and slip into a blissfully calm place. That's what my music is. I was described by BBC Introducing's Sarah Gosling as sounding like "an artist who's going to be absolutely owning the scene" (nice of her, wasn't it?). I'm based in Bristol and I have a cat called Dylan. I'm on Instagram a lot, so feel free to slide in my DMs and say Hi. Happy listening. Love you, bye.