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The trio Dear Tom takes its time. Time for detail, time for their music to evolve and develop. The three friends took eight years to finish the follow-up to their debut EP Kranich. Back then based in different cities the guys have been bonding – and still are – over their passion for diverse genres and the search for that certain something coupled with melodies and harmony. As bedroom producers the three friends, now all living in Munich, create sounds on small devices in even smaller rooms. A little drum machine here, a sample or field recording there, the lively, deep and touching sound of Dear Tom is produced, always coupled with the musicians’ instrumental roots like guitar, piano, violin or bass. The upcoming EP II is a document of the journey Philipp, Tobias and Fabian took over the past eight years. Quiet, fast, simple and complicated, melancholic and euphoric. A biography of three paths that finally came together and are waiting to be discovered by you.