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Saint Sinner


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    I Like You - The Human Experience ,
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Saint Sinner, an artist who demands nothing less than your full attention, inviting you to ride through multicolored atmospheres created by her music.
From jungle hop to wavy acoustic to psycho tropical… bending genres and blurring lines is a natural practice to 21-year-old Saint Sinner.
Born in Houston, raised in Arizona and moving out of her parents’ home at the age of 14, Saint finished school early (16) and decided an unknown adventure, South Africa, was a better idea. Leaving athletic scholarships, religion and a routine life behind, the young prodigy found music as a lifeline. It wasn’t until then that Saint began to sing.
She describes her youth as “designing… I was designed by the oceans that were set in front of me. We all have them. I think what I’m most grateful for from my oceans is the lesson on love. As a kid I saw it in every form. I was taken advantage of, and they called it love. Wacked out pastors who kept closed doors, they called it love. But then I had a mentor who fed me dinner, asking nothing in return. That is love. I had parents who let me move out early, parents who let me fly. That’s love. This is what feeds me as an artist. Creating calm in chaos.”
Now, in 2017, the laid-back producer, songwriter and singer is living in Southern California after a season in Austin, TX.
Limited by nothing and with an open desire to everything, Saint Sinner is an artist to watch.


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