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Born in New York City, Shepard the Breeze is a band that remembers where they came from but has their eyes fixed firmly on where they’re headed. Catering both to fans of classic rock and modern audiences, their self-titled debut LP doubles down on diversity. “Shepard the Breeze” is a fierce combination of catchy songs, prodigious performances, and conscientious lyricism. From the rootsy “Set Your Sights,” reminiscent of classic Americana; to the raunchy rock n’ roller “Love Like a Woman.” From the plodding desperation of “Waiting on a Sign;” to the rich instrumental flourishes on the straight-ahead burner “Girl.” It all combines to form a depth and resonance that is the hallmark of the band’s instantly familiar but contemporary sound. But all of this would be nothing if the boys couldn’t do it in real life, and Shepard the Breeze has quickly established themselves as an old-fashioned live threat. Loud, relentless, and fiercely competent, this is a band with no shortage of firepower at its disposal. In the age of autotune, carefully choreographed dance breaks, and Just-Press-Play DJ sets, Shepard the Breeze has put in the hours to become a true live band that delivers on all fronts.