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Dresden Is Lost (Previously Arad Gepner) (Also known online as Shriimpz & Spade Queen) is an 18-year old Israeli instrumental artist, the founder of Lads' Land, and 1/3 of the A Shrimp, a Pixel and a Bee trio with Pixelated Quality & Bethany Bytheway. She started work on her music thanks to inspiration she took from musicians she listened to at the time, namely Avicii, SayMaxWell, The Musical Ghost & primarily Or3o, and finished work on it July 2019, that same month she released her first album, F.R.E.E. Dresden has 8 full length albums & 2 EPs under her belt: F.R.E.E, Infinite Garden, Not Done, Connec.T, Ten, R.I.S.E, Nightmares You Wouldn't Dare Have, Lo(s/v/n)er, New Age,

Shark Hug! & A Shrimp, a Pixel and a Bee. Currently planned for release across 2021 and 2022 are i hate // i love, Salvation, Damnation, A Leaf Made Of Fabric, Disconnec.T, Infinite Garden II & welcome to a fucked up world. Dres founded the Lads' Land label, which has artists like Bethany Bytheway, TLVBeatz, Col-7 Scratch, Pixelated Quality, T4OR, Goddess Mars, KiD The Rapper, Lilchidori, Kyle Hunt, William Mckenna, Eve Ovington, Jesse McDonald, and Dresden Is Lost herself. Aside from music, Dresden also runs The Shrimpz Podcast, and streams games on Twitch under her alias Shriimpz. For any inquiries: