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Grimény erodes mountains and withers rivers down. Dissonant rhythms are wrung out and fastened together with splinters of space, diffuse emotions, and anachronisms into a new belief — the great disappointment. The triumvirate, hailing from Berlin, Essen, and Dresden are depleting themselves, they call it Raubbau. Their first full-length was named after their new confession. Their second work — Die Große Aufgabe (the big task/surrender) — creates a new unpleasantly rough to romantically cheesy sound-monolith. Dear children of the shafts, we offer you an instrumental barrage of dark, atmospheric space-math rock is offered, a constant feeling of tension, and a sea of occultism that invites for collective abandonment. A musical evening full of contradictions and imbroglios is expecting you, dear guest. Or may we already call you friend?