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He says that his inspiration is the vision of himself 10 years from now. 
 Nikhil Iyer is an Indian-American artist, vocalist, and guitar player. He specializes in vocal performance, creating emotion through minimalistic and emotional pieces of work. Living in America his whole life, yet identifying with Indian culture and art, allows him to express himself through an inimitable style, whether it be a Hindi or English song. The beauty of creating something from nothing & conveying unspoken emotion inspires him to make music. 
 Nikhil is skilled in guitar and creates music that often highlights the chemistry between these two instruments. He currently studies Bel Canto Voice, complemented with the stylistic Indian art form of Carnatic Music. Aside from performance, Nikhil composes & produces all his work, taking care of the song making process from start to finish. 
 His only personal belief is to work towards excellence in his art form as a vocalist & musician and desires to share that with and inspire people. Artists and entrepreneurs who choose to create their lives on their own terms inspires him beyond imagination, and a few names out of many that he looks up to are Prateek Kuhad, John Mayer, Darshan Raval, Ed Sheeran, David Phelps, ZAYN, and Arijit Singh. Live your truth & do what you love 
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