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Born in Washington D.C and raised in Prince George’s County, Maryland, Joka Makazze began his rap journey around 2005 following the resurrection of 2pac. Finding inspiration through 2pac’s life, Joka speaks his life throughout his music implementing up tempo flows intertwined with creative lyrics. Since his beginning, Makazze has been on a not stop grind in perfecting his craft and gaining more of a following. Due to the dedication to his music, Joka has taken the next step with seeking the help of Untitledexport Management with guidance of his bright future. While with the team, Joka looks for help to expand his personal music brand and exposure through shows. Upcoming in the very near future, Joka Makazze plans to release another project titled “Purple Hefner”. Looking to reach an audience of all ages who love rap, this project follows Joka’s life battling to climb to the top. Prerelease to the project, remixes and freestyles will be released as momentum leading into “Purple Hefner”. Throughout the entirety of “Purple Hefner”, Joka offers his unique delivery and sound to tell his side of recent events he faced. From lived events and entertainment media, the overall message to pursue whatever they dream no matter what others tell them fits perfectly to his project. With high expectations after endless overs in the studio, Joka Makazze believes “Purple Hefner” will be the project to put his name in contention a top of the rap industry.