Mateo y Las Manos Pesadas

Mateo y Las Manos Pesadas


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A minstrel passionately storytelling through the rhythms of Latin America; the songs and performance a chronicling of a spiritual and cultural journey. Although most often armed with only

an acoustic guitar, Mateo is not a pastoral troubadour but rather a conduit for a raw, jagged-edge sound that is more intense and white hot than it is folk. Hailing from Colorado, and traveling extensively throughout Latin America, Mateo's live performances, both solo and with his hard-hitting brotherhood of players, are cathartic experiences, balancing whimsical narrative with the western parable, pounding polemics with wit. "The live performance in me is like a beast," laughs Mateo, "When I am playing music, even if only one person is listening in some tiny bar, it' s such an honor to be up there; it does me a world of good." This latest project, 48, masterfully produced by Alfred Gomez, Jr. and brought together by sound engineer Eduardo Lopez (two Venezuelan natives), brings together the roar of bass, percussion, horns, keyboards, and guitars into a mighty wave, with Mateo' s pirate musings riding the crest of a cross-cultural sonic surf. These 9 tracks are a result of a session recorded at White Lemon Studios in Bogota, Colombia. Our hope is for the joy, fun, passion and percussion to serve as a bridge bringing together the best aspects of the Western US and South America.