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Andrea Casta is today one of the most popular electric violinist in the global dance music and mainstream entertainment scene. In 2018 he received the Italian Dance Music Award as Best Performer, he has 200 thousand total followers on his social media channels and in recent years he performed in 28 nations through countless tours in clubs, festivals and events. Casta’s artistic path started in radio, TV and musicals in the early 2000s, and has matured through collaborations with many DJs and electronic music producers. From the languages of pop and rock, he has become, in recent years, an interpreter and creator of dance and electronic music, and The Space Violin Project, a sci-fi based concept album, represents his natural discographic evolution: he created a character, Commander AJ, that lives in 2235, and narrates his deep space exploration and memories of Earth through 12 dance music tracks. Aware of the communicative impact of his projects, through this science fiction narrative, Casta wants to not only entertain and make people dance, but also to make them question the possible perspectives to which humanity can meet as a consequence of its relationship, both positive and negative, with modern technologies. Andrea Casta put on stage a captivating electric violin performance with the brightest led bow, becoming a real “Jedi violinist”, chained to the scenery created with illustration, graphic design and computer animation, ready for the coolest venues in the world.