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Born in France a coal miner's daughter, Pauline Andres made a name for herself with a sweet and smoky voice that “perfectly conveys the thoughts and observations of an old soul walking home at closing time.” 
 The Nashville based songstress & producer's signature sound blends classic twang, pop and gypsy influences with lush guitar tones and synths.

Her catalogue is an eclectic mix of new Americana, Murder ballads and Pop wave anthems with lyrics infused with subtle literary references and dry wit. In her most recent work, Andres started addressing more serious social and political issues such as gun control or the right to choose in the American South while capturing every little moment of grace.
 Her new album is currently being recorded in Nashville and will be released in 2021. Apocalypse permitting. 
 “Stunning” - PopDose “Smoky Americana” - Pop Matters "Her voice could melt ice" - Innocent Words “A heart-wrenching lyricist whose words cut to the bone” - Bucket Full of Nails