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Byordy is a Colombian salsa singer considered the "new generation in salsa music". He is a composer, arranger, producer and performer of various musical instruments. Byordy has launched 4 productions, obtaining much national recognition in his country. In this 2020 Byordy has decided to introduce his music into the markets of North America, Mexico and South America. With his success "Caballero" has already conquered the Mexican market and this is just beginning. We invite you to enjoy the sound of Byordy, the future of salsa music. In the year 2021 with the release of his album "De todo Para Todos", Byordy intends to show his versatility to interpret all the different types of salsa music that are heard in the world. Byordy is definitely an artist to meet. 
 Finally Byordy has created an application called "Byordy Online Radio", where the fans can listen Byordy’s top music and where young artists like him are promoted in the launch of new musical products.