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Classically educated but nourished by pop, rock and jazz, TEMKO brings a new perspective to the contemporary ensemble. Finding joy in connecting their different musical backgrounds, their music moves freely between composed music, minimal music, ambient, progressive rock and improvisation. TEMKO composes and performs new music or, with much attention for details and sound textures, re-arranges music by composers or bands from <b>Richard Wagner</b> to <b>Terry Riley</b> and <b>Nine Inch Nails</b>. Not shying away from any technical challenges to perform their ideas, TEMKO modifies its instruments or even builds new ones. Each member pioneering in their own field, TEMKO is their ultimate playground: <b>Aart Strootman</b> (Gaudeamus Award 2017) as a guitarist, composer and music theorist, <b>Fred Jacobsson </b>as a bass player searching to break down genre borders and exploring sound design and electronics and <b>Ramon Lormans</b> as a percussion specialist seeking new ways to bring the wide variety of instruments to new stages. Starting from a specific theme or concept for each project, TEMKO often invites fellow musicians or artists from a broad range of performing and visual arts. It's innovative, flexible and open-minded approach have made TEMKO a welcome partner for other artists and ensembles like <b>Nik Bärtsch</b> and <b>s t a r g a z e</b>. <i>TEMKO is named after origami artist Florence Temko – known for her transparent but challenging constructions and small, exciting thoughts that never really get ungraspable.</i>