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Luke Bryan’s music has always reflected life in all its complexities, both the challenges and the unbridled joy. The award-winning superstar does that yet again on his seventh studio album Born Here Live Here Die Here (out August 7th, 2020). “The reason why we chose to name the album Born Here Live Here Die Here is that song tells about an important part of my life and where I grew up in Leesburg, Georgia,” he says in that familiar warm Southern drawl.

“The song paints such a beautiful picture of rural life and a rural mindset. Every line in that song really talks to that person who is proud of that small town life. They know they don’t need to go look anywhere else. They’re happy. They’re content. They’ve got everything they want right there. There’s something really, really special about those types of people. The song just feels so real for me. It told a big story in my life because there were many, many years I was that guy that was going to be born there, live there and never leave. Somehow, I left and became a country music singer, but I still love to sing about those topics.”