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Mo Aspen is a European music artist from Latvia, beautiful city called Riga. Self-taught musician, acclaimed multi-instrumentalist and producer, inspired by artists, such as Blink182 and Sigur Rós, Biffy Clyro, M83 an others, Mo uses melodic tones in his work to bring each piece to life with a splash of colorful feelings and geninue identity. Mo Aspen music is highly versatile and contains a mix of many genres, the artist has been difficult to categorize. Mo elaborates - "One of my goals as a musician is to tear down the walls of musical genres and combine different aspects of my own". Mo likes to share his passion with others and is currently playing together with Two vibrant artists Laura6100 (World-wide known guitarist) and Robert Ramba (Energetic drums). Mo sings lead vocals and plays guitar, but can also do bass and drums. Mo Aspen was formed back in 2010, with the first "Dance With Me For The Last Time" release coming out on 2014. Lead single "Hold Me Close" and album "Magical Things" released in 2017 continued band's constant growth in the Baltic States, Europe and started to gain traction in The United States of America (USA). After having multiple gigs, Mo Aspen is working on popular music tracks coming out in 2021 and beyond. Updates from band management and it's members. Homepage: Contact: Phone: +371 29 345 944