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Setting out on a journey always means leaving something behind; to change oneself and others. For every up there is a down, yet with Linda Rum confidence and joy prevail. To live a story, to tell a story, and to grow because of it. The piano is where it all began – being classically trained since childhood. Along came the singing, the guitar, and the songwriting. Upon listening to the arrangements one won’t be surprised to find years of church music left their mark on the trained organist. But she didn’t stop there. Linda Rum’s music is vibrant and alive. Pleasant, but never stale. The dynamic of her work is apparent when she gets up on stage. A fragile and at first glance calm appearance, paired with an engaging and all-encompassing personality. The melange of modern folk and pop at times is lavishly ethereal, or driving and groove-focussed, and then tender and genuinely heartfelt, without ever being cheesy. Amidst harmonically woven textures of guitars, flickering synthesizers, cello, bass, and driving beats the path to her and her message always remains clear. Music has taken Linda Rum to many an illustrous place like the stage host to „Rock im Park“ in Nuremberg and shows abroad. The most recent stop on her journey: Hamburg.