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Bear Garden is a musical expression, neither more nor less. It´s music - it´s everything. Martin Wirén, the man behind the artist Bear Garden, is a many times rewarded composer and saxophonist with scholarships such as the Swedish STIM award and The Royal Swedish Academy of Music award on his personal record. On request from the Swedish Nobel Prize Museum he is also known for his musical interpretation of the Nobel Prize winner in literature 2016, Bob Dylan. Born in the small town of Gällivare in northern Sweden, Wirén was introduced to the saxophone at an early age. Spending the two first decades of his life in the garage of his family home practicing the horn, he later moved to Stockholm to attend The Royal College of Music. In Stockholm, he began working on his debut as a composer. Influenced by the fierce nature of northern Sweden, and aiming at pushing the limits of the saxophone, Bear Garden´s eponymous debut album emerged. The album was released in November 2019 and laid the foundation for Bear Garden´s musical expression. Compositions defying musical borders, atmospheric soundscapes and an uncompromising movement forward have become trademarks of Bear Garden. His second album, Sunshine Fruit, features them all. Sunshine Fruit was released February 19 and is available at