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Since its formation in 2016, Sea Island & Ferry has continued to create Hong Kong’s own brand of instrumental music as a "neo-chamber ensemble". The group’s location in this culturally diverse city has enabled its members to encounter the very themes that inspired its work, as heard in Crossings and Telescope, the two albums released to-date. The group has played extensively in Hong Kong, and has also performed in Macau, Taiwan and Okinawa, Japan. On the eve of its 5th anniversary, Sea Island & Ferry renewed the group’s line up (now known as the Phase 3). The introduction of new instruments allows the ensemble to explore new horizons in its creations. Members Arnold Fang - Piano Kenneth Li - Violin Tim Tong - Cello Gladys Wong - Clarinet Legacy members Kayne Ho - Xiao (on albums Crossings and Telescope) Lawrence Man - Saxophone (on album Telescope) Timothy Wan - Saxophone (on album Crossings)