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Asian-Australian guitarist and producer Nathan Hui-Yi was born and bred in Adelaide, South Australia. Hui-Yi learned piano from childhood before spending seven years studying classical and electric guitar. He started producing in 2011 and independently released his first album in 2019, "Journey To The Soul and Back Again". He followed this up with the release of the single "Never Let Me Go", which was featured on the "Tops" program on Australia's Triple J Unearthed. Hui-Yi uses melodic jazz chord progressions and boom-bap beats to soothe mind and soul. His inventive emotion-rich style and warm organic sounds create a bittersweet soundtrack to the ups and downs of the human experience. Hui-Yi's early influences are diverse: from bebop and stone cold blues to neo-soul and golden age hip-hop. The result is the creation of unique and soulful music: introspective travel tunes; midnight grooves, and lush chilled-out sounds that are a melodic relief to your 9 to 5. It’s music suitable for evening listening, late night study, reflective moods and quiet nights with dear friends. Like what you hear? Follow Nathan Hui-Yi on Spotify to get notified whenever a new release drops.