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Hi, my name is Fisch aka Tobyas Reuze. I'm a 53 years old metal guy from East Germany. Please, let me say a few words about the band. I grew up in the 70's (listened a lot to Sabbath, Purple, Zeppelin etc.), followed by my adolescence in the 80's (NWOBHM, punk, Venom). As the state collapsed, my friends and i founded a band. We toured with Vader, Incantation, even supported Cannibal Corpse on a European tour. Then we splitted up. I got married, we got kids. I took care of them. As they were grown up, the time had come to start again. Some old ideas, a lot of new ones and “the fire inside still burns”. Because of that i founded Reuze. The first two records are about my childhood and my youth. With the third one i am there where things ended 20 years ago. Reuze are: Mario Gieseke bass / vocals Martin Krost drums Tobyas Reuze guitars / vocals Death/Black/Doom/Crust Metal Grind on