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Arnold Veeman was born and bred in the northern part of The Netherlands. These northern roots are unmistakably present in all his music: the stark vast country, views beyond the horizon, the simple, hard and honest attitude of the Groninger people: it is this strength you find throughout. Arnold Veeman works as a composer for films, orchestrator, songwriter/lyricist, and performs his own music and songs. Arnold Veeman worked together with many great artists like Lilian Vieira, conductors (a.o. Otto Tausk, Jurjen Hempel and Fabrice Bollon, ensembles and orchestras.

With the Noord Nederlands Orkest (NNO) he did a tour where he first met Daniël Lohues, Piter Wilkens and Ellen Ten Damme. Since then the NNO and Arnold worked together on several other occasions. When he was a student under Alex Manassen he met and worked briefly with the Meridian Arts Ensemble and the Kronos Quartet. Form working with them he explored the typical sound one hears throughout Arnold's music today. Arnold's voice and music has often been compared with Paolo Conte and Leonard Cohen but he sticks out with his very own twist and style according to Volkskrant, Heaven Magazine, NRC and many others.