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Stonerpop is an American electronic duo who craft sounds as diverse as the cultures from which they grew. Jimmie Maneuva and Maudie Michelle discovered overlapping interests in topics and sounds in 2015, when beginning to compose music together. They come from the Deep South and Pacific Northwest, respectively, bringing varied perspectives to the project. Using thought-provoking lyrics, calming voices, and quirky melodies, Stonerpop’s compositions interlock cleverly woven instrumentation, naturally constructed around synthesizers and keyboards with an injection of analog guitar over heavy and firm beats. Distinguished from other electronic acts, they apply a light melodic touch and layered texture, which compellingly play off sharper rhythms. They range from a full-on and welcomed sonic assault to trance-inducing melodies, pumping their vital force into the electronic genre. Stonerpop’s music is influenced by a range of artists, including Portishead, Garbage, Poliça, Austra, Metric, and U.N.K.L.E.