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The bands story began around 2015, Leo had for several years been writing songs or ideas in Spanish and Swedish for a death-metal band. Songs that he felt weren't "en tu alma", his and Matte’s main band at the time. The name had also been made up by Leo a few years before the band. There are a lot of posers in metal, and specially in Leo’s hometown

there were a lot of kids from wealthy families raised on a silverspoon that tried to show of a front of being hardened from their tough upbringing. These types of people usually try to come up with the most horrific band names to add to their pretence. Leo found this observation hilarious and came up with the name as a joke and ended up loving its innocent duality. En tu alma started to have periods of inactivity and Kattlik was born from the need to keep busy during these of-periods. When Matte and Leo started jamming, new ideas and riffs just kept coming and it was obvious that this "lets keep busy project" needed to be more than a project. Marcus Langeström was recruited as a bassplayer but he soon switched to guitar, and when that happened Leos cousin Emilio tried out and turned out to be massive as a metal-bassplayer. Sadly life got in the way and Marcus moved for work, witch made the creative process a pain in the ass. In the end we all felt we had to go separate ways. Now as a trio everything started to roll and kattlik was complete.