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Indie post-punk revivalists, Northern Light Exposure, formed in London in 2014. Inspired by the aurora borealis, their name aptly tags their atmospheric multi-layered post-rock, while their sound nods to their forefathers: the likes of the Doves, The Cure, Interpol and Editors. The band first turned to producer Pat Collier (The Sound, The Jesus & Marychain, House of Love) to produce their first single 'Embers', describe as ‘the anthem to theses summer months’ by Evening Standard critic Fiona Mountford. Collier then went on to produce the bands debut EP 'An Honest Way of Living'. This work explored pacier, darker tones into their music in contrast to the sunnier sounds of 'Embers'. The band took this on the road around the UK, notably supporting legendary post punk architects Chameleons Vox. They then turned to legendary producer Youth

for their second EP 'Parting Shot'. Recorded at Miloko's 'The Pool' studios, the EP see's the powerhouse behind both Echo & the Bunnymen's 'Meteorites' and The Jesus and Mary Chain's 'Damage & Joy' albums. This EP defines the band's darker sounds, with droning guitars, pulsating synths, thunderous drums, whilst still retaining the icy guitar riffs, glowering basslines and the moody melodic baritone of Glen's melodies.