Machinedrum is handily the most well-known alias attributed to Orlando, Florida-based artist Travis Stewart, who has also released material as Syndrone, tstewart, Neon Black, and Aden.

Although initially conceived as an outlet for Stewart's drill'n'bass meanderings, Machinedrum's first public release was a hazy, skittering melange that owed more to hip-hop and ambient than to early Squarepusher. Indeed, the bursting "Izey Rael" proved to be the template for Machinedrum's early output. In 2001, the brilliant Now You Know was released to underground acclaim and firmly established the 19-year-old producer as one of IDM and left-field hip-hop's brightest hopes. After four additional albums for the Merck label, along with one-offs for the Inside and Normrex, Stewart's sound became more frenetic and incorporated a number of styles, including house, dubstep, and juke. He hit another creative stride during the 2010s, a period that included Room(s) and the conceptual Vapor City, as well as productions for rapper Azealia Banks and R&B singer Jesse Boykins III. In 2014, after he produced the majority of Boykins' Love Apparatus, he released Vapor City Archives. ~ Mark Pytlik, Rovi

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