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Raised and based in New York City, Chloe Berry is a 20 year old half-Asian indie bedroom pop musician. She has been writing songs since she was seven years old--always drawing on her feelings and imagery in her lyrics. A self-taught musician, Chloe learned much about music off YouTube. She grew up roaming the city and exposing herself to live indie music. After performing only in her bedroom for many years, she began finally sharing her music. With the help of her boyfriend and producer Spoonuel, Chloe began to create fully imagined songs. 
Her music can be found to be lighthearted and airy despite starkly real and borderline frustrated lyrics. With the goal of invoking a new feeling with each track, Chloe's careful songwriting and dulcet and calm singing creates a dreamy journey. 
American Pancake said of her song Bugs “We have all felt what Berry is conveying that is what makes the track so captivating.” Chloe released her debut EP Blueberry Jams with Spirit Goth Records this April. With many more songs to come, she continues to define her unique sound.