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Gabriel Vargas, is someone who decided in his music, as in his life, not to be tied down to definition or restricted by instruments. Instead, he is collaborating with other talented musicians in different musical styles, and artists from different mediums, to see what is produced in those moment to moment interactions. “I think that choice of association mirrors life. As artists, when we consciously select who we co-create with, magic happens. And those people change as we go on our various pathways. This dance can be profound, and that’s what I want to recreate”, Gabriel surmises. The journey he is on is a genre-bending trip of epic proportions. He uses his art as a vehicle for us all to embrace the sum of our parts, and it is this which forms the pinnacle of his musical repertoire. “We all have a story to tell, and are traveling our own path. However, life is an adventure and we connect at different points to co-create a new chapter together. Music is the vessel to share these observations, and that is bigger than me”. Gabriel creates the interconnection of all these through music and his cultural diversity, connecting back to his indigenous Brazilian roots, and honouring his position as a global citizen, unbound by physical location. With a vision to create music that unites, backed up by a massive sound, Gabriel is the genre-bender with a big heart, heading up the movement to cross boundaries, and come together as one.