The Cafe of the Gate of Salvation

The Cafe of the Gate of Salvation


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We are Café of the Gate of Salvation, Sydney’s premier a cappella gospel choir. Inspired by the footstompin’, soulful music of the African-American vocal tradition, we sing because we love to and we share our voices, to foster inclusiveness, compassion & joy Our music derives from the African-American Baptist Gospel Tradition but also includes songs of freedom and world music attuned to our values of spiritual inclusiveness, social justice, integrity and joy. When founder Tony Backhouse first had the idea to start a non-profit inner city choir back in 1986, little did he know how far-reaching that decision would be. Aiming to bring joy to performers and audiences alike, the group would be community focused, and be inspired by the passionate, spiritual and traditional African-American religious music. Now led by Fiona Lamb and Cheryl Craig, the group still meets for weekly rehearsals, where original choir members from the first rehearsal back in 1986 now mix with 2nd-generation members. Café of the Gate of Salvation has released four CDs to date, one of which was nominated for an ARIA.