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Bree Taylor channels her superwoman vocals on her latest, instant hit – “Kryptonite”. The singer/songwriter from Canada has been churning out classic country tracks for the better part of the past two years, and now she’s granted an all access to pass to fans on her contagiously upbeat, diary-reading track about how sometimes love that’s so wrong can feel so incredibly right. Inside the melodic lines of love growing wild is the insatiable talent of Taylor’s delivery on lyric. Her full-bodied vox will toss a memory to a young Trisha Yearwood, an Ashley McBride on the rocks, and a Carrie Underwood candor that worms itself into your ear and taunts you to try to turn away. Taylor’s got a gift beyond singing and songwriting – she’s born with the talent that draws you in and holds you captive till every last grit and grime, every last husky note, every last perfectly pitched crescendo has been placed on your lap. You’ll find yourself at the end of the track, rapidly trying to start it all over again. With a career and brand built on authenticity, honesty and resilience, Bree’s creative ambitions have no limitations. No matter what life throws at her, Bree is and always will be a fighter and she will keep writing songs, keep singing and will remain truly unapologetically Bree!