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"OUT OF BARREL" is the catch of all our experiences and growth during the last few years. The band was born in 2013, since then we had perfomed in so many live, we have changed our line up, we have experimented a lot and challenged ourselves. We have recorded 2 EP and had the chance to share the stage with many major artists. In 2016 the trio fully found its way and its soundness. Growing constantly as a band, achieving a more complete and original musical style, and gaining more and more approval for their live performances, in 2017 DC decided to commit themselves to the writing of a record, to give a definite shape to their project. 11 tracks are composed to blend the different musical influences of the band in a mix combining psych atmospheres with powerful and obscure riffs, pressing rhythms sometimes dreamlike, with ubiquitous classical sounds of the stoner rock. A powerful sound, with angry atmospheres and great emotional potential. Played and brought live, with the great energy that has always distinguished DC. As well as for the crafting creation of a good alcohol, a careful selection of the raw materials is required, an optimal processing, and finally the time magically transforms the base into something precious. That's what it is for DRUNKEN CROCODILES. After years spent boiling and fermenting... We finally are "OUT OF BARREL"