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Had Enough is not a band or an artist he is an attitude of contradictions, Rock vs Metal, Hip Hop vs Punk, Pop vs Goth, Good vs Evil. Had Enough was originally started in October of 2008 and while the music has been described as Alternative / Hip-Hop those terms do not fully encompass the basis of the style. Had Enough composes all his lyrics based on real-life scenarios and his albums are gripping tales of reality. Based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma he has enjoyed playing a number of high profile venues and tours. Mr. Had Enough can often be found at the local small club on the weekend when not touring. Being in touch with his fans drinking a beer or talking about the latest escapades of life. While his style is hard to describe in genre terms it is extremely catchy and you will find yourself singing the lyrics. Mainly touring in the Midwest, Had Enough is in the process of expanding his horizons to all over the United States. Visit Had Enough's world at: https://www.hadenoughmusic.com