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Modest from his core, yet exceptionally passionate when it comes to performances and creating music, Adaro is unquestionably one of the most ambitious artists within the Hardstyle genre. As a DJ, Adaro has the look and feel of a true entertainer – his undying energy and widespread knowledge of music are just some of his greatest assets on stage. Adaro’s sound can be simply described as a sophisticated and diverse approach to Hardstyle, as this pioneer thrives on blending in a range of different sounds and influences. With his taste ranging from melancholic melodies right up to underground, hard-hitting tracks, Adaro loves to create energetic Hardstyle under a broad spectrum. His journey has been nothing short of inspirational and proves that hard work, passion and devotion can bring you a long way. All pieces of the puzzle fit together; from his top-tier productions to his performances and image, Adaro isn’t just a DJ and producer, but an artistic innovator.