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Recording Artist, Producer, and Multi-Instrumentalist Matthew Bagnall, aka glibs, was born in small town Davenport, Iowa. Growing up, Matthew was attached to the piano and learned classical songs and music theory at a young age. As his musicianship grew, he moved on from playing classical music, to learning to play the music that he liked by ear. These were the first moments of Matthew really expressing himself through the piano. This eventually led to Matthew writing his own chord progressions, and soon later learning to produce and record his works. As a 17 year old, Matthew released his first self produced project ‘Just a Kid’ under his artist name glibs. His passion for music grew even deeper after gaining skills as a music producer, leading him to self-producing many more of his projects. Fans of glibs knows that he puts great effort and attention to detail in his works, and with every release, comes a new sonic world. Look out for what he has planned next.