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Actress and musician for the past 22 years, Alma Nicole is a finalist at The Voice. The popularity that came with the show, made her invest all her time and passion in releasing her own music. 
 The singer realeased her first single “The Reason” in September 2020. A first-look at the music video took place on the rooftop of a well known concert venue in downtown Bucharest. The screening was followed by a live performance and the entire event was sold out. “The Reason” has won multiple awards for “Best Video” in film festivals around the world in countries such as: Sweden, Spain, Macedonia, Slovakia, Germany, The Czech Republic, United Kingdom. 
 The chill, acoustic folk “Stuck to You” was next to be released, alongside a charming video shot in a treehouse in wild Transylvania. The song was heard on various local radio stations and has been featured in Spotify curated playlists. 
 Alma Nicole loves to create new identities for well known songs, such as “Last Christmas” and “Amazing Grace” that is soon to be released. 
 Stay tuned for new songs as they are coming soon!