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A Montréal-based music producer, Zhund embarked on his musical journey in 2014 when he bought a cheap Casio keyboard as a broke English Literature student. The experience was profoundly life-changing, and since then Zhund has been passionate about creating music which reflects his life experiences. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of musical influences, Zhund's art skillfully transcends genres and seeks to document one man's life journey through time and space in the form of sound. Zhund released his first EP, Miami Odyssey in 2017. Positively received, the EP was noted as having the sound of "late summer nights soaked in neon". A second EP, Dusty, was released in 2019 and has found moderate success, with popular music blog EKM.CO stating that "Dusty offers a very fluid and easy-listening Lo-Fi sound, the melodic arrangements are superb, really lovely ambiance." Following two atmospheric EPs in 2017s Miami Odyssey and 2019’s Dusty, Zhund continues the latter’s lo-fi charm with 2020's lofi EP Lefty. Lefty's track Flat Footed was loved by Obscure Sound's Mike Mineo, who wrote that 'Twinkling keys and exotic woodwinds carry the track’s lushly hypnotic glow'. Zhund's favorite instrument is the Linnstrument, which he plays on a number of his tracks.